Non-Insured Health Benefits

Medical Transportation Program

There are two components to this program, first is medical transportation coordination and the second is the operation of a van-based system,.

  • Medical Transportation Coordination
    • assists clients to access medical professional/specialists, diagnostics, dental and other treatment and services when not available in the community.  The program operates in accordance with Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) program.
    • There is a total of 6 Medical Transportation Clerks; 2-Pelican Narrows, 1-Deschambault Lake, 1-Southend, 1-Sandy Bay. 1/2-Sturgeon Landing and 1/2-Denare Beach
  • Van -Based Medical Transportation
    • this system provides medical transportation instead of utilizing local taxis. 
    • this program has a fleet of 6 vehicles and is in operation in 3 of our communities, 3-Deschambault Lake, 2-Pelican Narrows and 1-Sturgeon Landing.
  • Local Taxi Providers
    • a number of private taxi operators are utilized to provide medical transportation
    • There are currently 11-Pelican Narrows, 2-Southend, 2-Sandy Bay, 1-Deschambault and 2-Denare Beach

Dental Health Program

The Program offers dental therapy services in the communities of Deschambault Lake, Pelican Narrows and Southend.  The Dental Therapists mainly provides dental services to the school age population, conducts active preventative health education programs, delivers prophylactic treatments to reduce incidences of decay, maintains an efficient and safe clinical environment and prepares and maintains records and reports of provided services.

Dentist services is provided in the community of Deschambault Lake.

Physicians and Specialist Services

Physician Services - contract services for visiting general physicians in the communities of Southend, from La Ronge Medical Clinic 2 days per week on a rotational basis; in  Deschambault Lake is and Pelican Narrows from Northern Medical Services.  Deschambault Lake provides services 2 days/week on a rotational basis and in Pelican Narrows services are provided on a 2 week in/out rotation, it provides coverage for 5 days/week.

Visiting Specialist Clinics - continues to contract specialist services for the communities of Pelican Narrows, Deschambault Lake and Southend.  Speciality services provided are; Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT); Obstetrician/Gynecologist;  and Optometry Clinics.

Mental Health Crisis Counselling

PBCN Health Services has contracted three Mental Health Therapists, they are responsible for providing evidence informed and best practices in screening, assessment, consultation, therapy, individual counseling, group or couples counseling, treatment, referral and follow up to mental health clients and their families.